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jello~ my name is . i'm thirty-two years old. i live in the mojave wasteland with my boyfriend of 15 years, and our 3 cats: molly, lucy, and pixel. i'm an intj, capricorn sun, sagittarius moon, and virgo rising.

some of my hobbies include backyard birding, exploring the world via google street view & photo spheres (thank you so much to everyone who uploads, you bring so much joy to my life), and diving into '90s and '00s nostalgia.

i started a movement in las vegas that brings awareness to the horrible conditions that dolphins live in under the desert sun. i have been doing that for almost 10 years, although i have not been as active lately. compassion fatigue and burnout are my biggest enemies.

i have depression and social anxiety, so as a result of that, i spend a lot of time indoors on my computer. i have been customizing graphics and websites around the internet since 2002. this is my own little portal on the web. i hope you enjoy!





molly is my girlfriend cat. she and i are best friends. her favorite thing is to lay in the bed with her head resting on my shoulder. she likes to throw fits by scratching the carpet when you tell her no.

DOB: September 2nd 2013


Baby Lulu


Gooseberry Pickle

lucy is molly's sister, but from another litter. she loves when my boyfriend, and demands all the attention she can from him. she's the biggest one. likes when you get her ass a wet wipe.

DOB: January 22nd 2014





pixel was abandoned by her owner in my last apartment complex. i tried to find a home for her, but no one wanted her. i'm so glad she's mine. she's like 8lbs! a mini cat. she likes to beg me for everything i have.

Adopted January 2015


joshua trees, dole whips, neon lights, roller coasters, disney channel original movies, cats, the band "waterparks", orange and yellow leaves, snow, splatoon, pixels, photography, desert drives from the passenger side, watching hummingbirds


the texture of lotions and creams, the hot mojave summer, phone calls, public speaking, writing, loud noises i'm not in control of, when all the books i wanna read are checked out, soggy blackberries, people who just repeat what i said to them back at me

What I'm Currently Doing..

: 07.21.2021 : 1:20 pm : 102f
: n/a
: just finished atypical season 4
: mountain dew baja punch : left over cane's
: "hello kitty" slayyyter
: how hot it is in this office :(


top artists / 90 days

britney spears
olivia rodrigo

top albums / 90 days

greatest hits waterparks
ancient dreams marina
no gods no masters garbage
sour olivia rodrigo
if i could make it go quiet girl in red

top songs / 90 days

numb waterparks
just kidding waterparks
you'd be paranoid too waterparks
serotonin girl in red
violet! waterparks


things i want to buy eventually.. i'm not asking anyone that looks at my website to buy them. just blogging them.

"i see you" holo print"sending love your way" print (holo if available)"ray of fucking sunshine" print"saturn cutie" print"rainbow bags" print"sad lil cloud bb" print"rose girl" print"blue bunnerfly" art printpendants from marzboutique, too many to list"inner realms" holo printuv rainbow shelves"bliss of life" holo print"cosmic connection" holo print"divine alignment" holo print"rebel rebel" print"celestial capricorn" print"wanted dead or alive" print"bandidas" print"baby blues" print"la buchona" print"cat lady" print"down to clown" print"bruja de la rosa" print"poodle portrait" print"lagoon" print"la frankie" print"memphis mutts" print"i dont believe" print"cat scratch fever" print"natural habitat" print"bus to hell" print"talk nice to me" print"desert flower" print"read my thoughts" print"your own sparkle" print"flower power" print